Worst Dates Ever

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Worst Dates Ever

Worst Dates Ever


We’ve all been on a disastrous date.  That awful feeling that you have nothing to say to this person, or there’s something about their clothes/body/face you just can’t stand.  For many it’s a just a question of getting the date over and the hell out of there before moving onwards and hopefully upwards.

But what of those poor souls who turn up to their blind date with the intention of meeting Mr/Ms Right only to have their hopes dashed by a scenario of weird, even bizarre behaviour?  In no particular order of worstness – check out some of the WORST DATES EVER from around the interwebs:


Live Stream of a Tinder Fail


This girl thought she was getting treated to a romantic boat trip on the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan.  Well she got location and mode of transport right but the romantic bit?  Not so much…


Only in America


Clinton Kelly and Devyn Simone relate a very weird couple of first date disaster stories


Embarrassment Down Under


This clip is from the the reality show Bachelor New Zealand where a certain bodily function interrupts the romantic vibe of the proceedings.



More Dating Cringe From The USA


Our friends stateside reveal their weird, embarrassing and sometimes disturbing first dates courtesy of @buzzfeedvideo


Writer Live Tweets Awful First Date


The twist to this terrible date is that it’s not the Tweeter who is in the middle of it.  Canadian writer, Anne Thériault, was minding her own business in a cafe when this failing liaison began to unfold right next to her.  Naturally she took to Twitter in order to share this bulk awkwardness with us all – as it happened.  Check out this cringe-worthy episode.