Why Choose A Concierge Service

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Why Choose A Concierge Service

Why Choose A Concierge Service


Our time is precious – and as they say time is money.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, a lifestyle management tool helps you unlock your time and free up space for you to enjoy the luxuries in life, without the hassle.

It means having someone on hand all hours of the day to arrange things you want to do, but without spending hours on the phone or the web trying to find the best offers to suit you.

The service is tailored for your individual needs and personal requirements and – depending on the tier you opt for – will open up a world of knowledge and services that are not available to the public.

Your concierge is your insider in the industry; they are well connected, “in the know” and have specialist knowledge to help provide the best in the business. They are your go to for booking everything from a top table in a Michelin star restaurant to arranging airport transfers when you take a well deserved holiday.

They are there to free up your time and to enable you to get more out of your life. They help you secure the best deals and most exclusive experiences, and they help you to relax and enjoy the little things, without worrying about the details.

Tiered services mean you can opt for as little or as much assistance as you require, rather than paying for services you don’t want or need, and it gives your concierge the opportunity to tailor make a package that works for you.

A basic concierge service handles everything from luxury accommodation and cruises, to theatre tickets and dinner reservations as well as helping you to arrange insurance, spa breaks and excursions.

Opting for a higher tier usually provides a personal Lifestyle Manager, access to yacht charters, special sporting events and chauffeurs for you and your clients. Meanwhile, the highest tier will give you access to personal and group security, as well as private jets.

In short, a concierge service is a personal assistant to help you get a little more out of life.