Trieste – One Of Europe’s Best Kept Secrets

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Trieste – One Of Europe’s Best Kept Secrets

Trieste – One Of Europe’s Best Kept Secrets


Situated in a completely unique and historically risky position between Latin, Germanic and Slavic lands, Trieste is unlike any other city in the world and is considered to be one of the most underrated and unfairly overlooked places not only in Italy, but in all of Europe.

Almost entirely surrounded by Slovenia, the Italian city of Trieste is one of the richest regions of Italy, undergoing economic revival during the 1930s when it was an important port in the struggle between the East and West after the Second World War.

While Rome, Florence and nearby Venice have been popular with tourists for centuries – the cuisine, culture, castles and romance that Trieste offers is second to none. With rolling green hills on one side and the Mediterranean on the other, the majestic setting is awe-inspiring.

The city has inspired many writers, travellers, exiles and misfits and in 2012, Lonely Planet listed the city as the world’s most underrated travel destination. Physically isolated from the rest of the Italian peninsula, Triese enjoys a humid subtropical climate with very mild temperatures.

Main sights include:


Just metres above the Mediterranean Sea and with Trieste spread out before it to the south, Castello di Miremare has a unique architectural heritage and short but turbulent history.

Considered to be one of the finest castles on the continent, Castello di Miremare was built in the mid-19th century and served as the private residence of Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian. The castle’s architecture is a direct reflection of the inhabitant’s eclectic tastes, combining Gothic, Medieval and Renaissance elements.


The tallest of Trieste’s most famous landmarks, Victory Lighthouse sits at the north of the city centre on Gretta Hill.

Built to commemorate those who died during the First World War, the lighthouse was originally created by local architect Arduino Berlam and is actually one of the tallest in the world, reaching an impressive 68m into the sky. The most distinctive feature of this lighthouse is the 7-tonne copper statue of Winged Victory.


Perfect for wine lovers and set in the Friulian countryside, the Foffani estate is an authentic and welcoming place for an afternoon of wine tasting.

Located on the main square in the quaint village of Clauiano, the property has been in the same family since the 16th century and has been producing wine since the late-18th century. Above the rustic tasting room there is an art exhibition called “I Colori del Vino” which showcases various wine-related works including poetry, music and mosaics.


Literally translated to “Giant Cave”, the Grotta Gigante is situated just outside of the Villa Opicina in the hills overlooking Trieste.

Considered to be the largest tourist cave in the world (and featuring in the Guinness Book Of Records) the cave was first explored in 1840 and opened to the public in 1908. The cave consists almost entirely of one huge chamber, which measures a breathtaking 168m long, 76m wide and nearly 100m high.

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