The coolest games in the world right now

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The coolest games in the world right now

The coolest games in the world right now


Today we’re celebrating another one of those peculiar days of celebration we’re so fond of – Video Games Day. We decided to share with you what we think are the coolest games in the world right now for each platform. So, whether you just like to play Angry Birds on the toilet, or love spending your weekends playing through Call of Duty – we’ve got the games for you!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Nintendo Switch


With the hotly anticipated release of the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, also came the even hotter release of the latest instalment in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Anyone who had a Nintendo console growing up – be it a SNES or a Game Boy – will have some very fond memories of Link and his adventures around Hyrule. This time, we’re joining him after a one hundred year sleep to find he has lost his memories. You must journey around the Kingdom of Hyrule to retrieve them and, of course, save the princess.

With some of the most beautiful graphics we’ve ever seen on a Nintendo game, and a storyline that feels both fresh and nostalgic, this game gets the big thumbs up from all of us. And, with the recent release of their first DLC pack, it’s even better.

Horizon: Zero Dawn | PS4, Xbox


Possibly the most hyped up game release of the year was that of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Set approximately 1000 years in the future, humanity has dwindled into small hunter-gatherer tribes, scattered over the earth. Technologically advanced “Machines” threaten their survival, and a young girl named Aloy is the only one that can stop them.

After releasing the new “Ultra Hard Mode” just yesterday, along with new items and character design options, the developers have added yet more excitement to this already great game. And, with their first DLC set to be released later this year, it looks like Horizon: Zero Dawn will be dominating the gaming world for quite some time.

You Must Build A Boat | iOS


While having stunning graphics and complex characters can be the winning formula for many games nowadays, there is something so pure and enjoyable about good, old fashioned, simple games – especially on mobile. That’s why we are totally addicted to the hit iOS game – You Must Build A Boat. A straightforward puzzle game, with 8-bit graphics and a healthy dose of humour, this is the kind of game you can lose hours to and not even care.

Built to be played on the iPhone, the game has been met with a plethora of positive reviews and praise. Definitely one to add to your app store purchases. Don’t have an iPhone? If you’re a Keys member, you can get exclusive savings on Apple products only through us!

Civilization VI | Steam


The latest addition to Sid Meier’s legendary series, Civilization VI has retained the same strategy points as previous versions, while adding better graphics and a smoother gameplay. In fact, it’s so good, you might want to grab yourself a new PC to play it on. Lucky for you, Keys offers some great discounts for its members on Dell and HP laptops, as well as at PC World.

You play as one of history’s great leaders, and attempt to take over the world, either through diplomacy, or destroying all of your opponents’ armies. This is a game that is all about strategy and making the right decisions. Not one for those looking for a quick playthrough, one game can last anywhere upwards of 10-12 hours. So grab some coffee, and get stuck in!

And the one we’re all still waiting for…

Final Fantasy VII Remake | Playstation/ Square Enix

The remake of this legendary RPG was announced at world famous games conference E3 back in 2015. Two years on and all we’ve got is a few screenshots and about 30 seconds of gameplay preview. While Square Enix may be taunting us with these little droplets of news, the outcome is looking promising. Considered by many to be the greatest role-playing game of all time – despite first being released on the Playstation 20 years ago – the excitement surrounding the remake is high. Just look at the reaction they got when they announced it:

But, it looks as if we all have a very long time to wait before our Final Fantasy dreams become a reality. In the meantime, you can keep yourself entertained with the original version on Steam.