Superstitions Around The World

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Superstitions Around The World

Superstitions Around The World


Walking under ladders, black cats, chewing gum at night – there are so many wonderful and strange superstitions around the world, ranging from the well known to the obscure. So to celebrate today being Friday the 13th, we gathered together some of our favourites to share with you – enjoy!

Graveyards And Thumbs


In Japan, the word for “thumb” literally translates as “parent finger”, and so many believe that when you walk past a graveyard you should tuck your thumbs in. If you don’t it might be risking your parents lives.

Tuesday 13th – Spain


If you start acting superstitious on Friday 13th in Spain, people won’t understand why. There, it’s actually Tuesday 13th that is unlucky. This is because the Spanish word for ‘Tuesday’ is ‘Martes’ which comes from Mars – described in the middle ages as “little evil”.

Milk And Marriage – India


A common practice at Indian weddings is to hide the wedding ring in a bowl of milk. The bride and groom will then root around in the milk to try and find the ring – whoever finds it will be the partner in charge in the relationship.

Cannibal Gum – Turkey


If you need to freshen up for a night on the town in Turkey, don’t be tempted to reach for the chewing gum. If you chew gum at night, some people believe that you’re actually chewing the flesh of the dead! So if you don’t want to attract lots of horrified glances, it’s probably best to stick to mouthwash.

Deadly Fans – South Korea


It’s a very widely held belief in South Korea that sleeping with a fan on is seriously bad for your health. Apparently, even some medical professionals will warn against it. Citizens believe that fans can cause people to die from hypothermia or asphyxiation if left on overnight, and so most are sold with timer settings to automatically switch them off before they become fatal.

Lucky Poo – France


For most people, stepping in dog poo is not exactly a sign of good luck- but in France, it’s all down to which foot is actually doing the stepping. If your right foot is the victim, then yes, it’s definitely bad luck. But, if it’s your left foot they believe it’s actually good luck!

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