Spring Cleaning Top Tips

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Spring Cleaning Top Tips

Spring Cleaning Top Tips


Go on, you know that once it’s done you’re going to feel a whole lot better about life in general.  A deep cleaned house just makes you feel wonderful.

First things first – the big three.  That’s the cooker, fridge and dishwasher.  Get these sorted first and you’ll feel revved up and ready to tackle the easier parts of the house.




If you’ve got a dirty dishwasher then your machine is not performing at its best.  Remove any bits of food lurking at the bottom and then run a cycle using a special dishwasher cleaner.  It’s a good idea to repeat this exercise every six weeks or so to keep your dishwasher in tip top condition.






It’s easy to let fridge hygiene run away from you but as this is where your food lives it’s vital to keep on top of things.  Remove everything from the fridge including all the shelves and fittings which should be washed with hot soapy water and rinsed before drying.  Take a sponge and wipe down the inside of the fridge and the clean the outside.  You’re now good to go.




When your oven needs a deep clean you’ll know about it as it will smoke and smell of burning.  When cooled, chip off as much of the burnt residue as you can before spraying with a good quality oven cleaner – this will save you some elbow grease in the long run.  Leave for the amount of time specified on the instructions and then wipe the grime away with a wet sponge.





Time to get started on the windows and let some more light into your life.  A soapy sponge and a squeegee are the preferred tools for this job and people swear on a variety of different liquids – from vinegar to soapy water – to get the job done.  Top tip – clean your windows on a cloudy day to avoid the sun evaporating the liquid and leaving hard to remove streaks.



This is more of a tidying chore than cleaning but what a difference some organisation will make to your daily routine.  Start by removing everything you haven’t worn in a year.  Be brutal – if it doesn’t get worn, out it goes.  Then organise what’s left into sections – jeans, t shirts, shoes etc.  Not only will your wardrobe look great when it’s open but you’ll also be able to find what you need first thing on Monday morning.




Whether in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house, cupboards can easily become general dumping grounds and a complete mess.  Like your wardrobe you need to attack these areas with determination and resolve.  Get rid of everything that is never used – give it to charity, whatever, just get it out if you don’t use it.  Then group together things in categories i.e. crockery in one cupboard, glass ware in another, all the flour and spices together and tools and vacuum cleaner under the stairs.


Do The Dusting


Although you do this all the time, now is your chance to do a deep dust.  Start from the top down so that you can vacuum everything that lands on the floor and get into all those hard to reach places – the tops of ceiling fans, venetian blinds and lampshades.  Use a cloth or feather duster and avoid sprays that will turn thick dust into gunge.



Degrease Your Cabinets


If you sometimes forget to turn on the extractor hood when you’re cooking then you’ll have a build up of dust and grease on your cabinets that can make them feel sticky and dirty.  Get hold of a degreasing spray and get stuck in paying close attention to the undersides of cupboards and handles where the grease likes to collect.  Top tip – if you have wooden cupboard doors then this cabinet cream really cuts through kitchen grime and sticky build up.