Romantic Escapes – The Best Places For A Kiss

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Romantic Escapes – The Best Places For A Kiss

Romantic Escapes – The Best Places For A Kiss


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, the perfect day to enjoy a romantic escape and share a smooch with your significant other – it’s International Kissing Day. Take a look on any social media platform today and we can guarantee it will be filled with adorable couples locking lips and making us all jealous. But never fear, it’s your turn now. Here at Keys Lifestyle Concierge we want to help you find your perfect romantic escapes, so you can rule Instagram with your envy inducing snaps.

Paris, France


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We have to start with the obvious – Paris, the city of love. Many couples have shared a kiss or accepted a proposal in front of the world famous Eiffel Tower – and you could be next. Make sure the romance doesn’t end there though, and enjoy a 95% discount at the Gran Hotel Du Parc.

Times Square, New York


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Next we are visiting the scene of one of history’s most famous kisses – Times Square in New York City. Seduce your partner with some gorgeous flowers and then hold them in your arms as you recreate this iconic moment.

Love Lock Bridge, Paris


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And we’re back in Paris once again. There’s a reason this city is the number one choice for so many romantic escapes. This time though we’re veering slightly off the typical tourist track and visiting a bridge covered in colourful padlocks. Couples come here and place their own locks to symbolise their unbreakable, loving bonds. So hang a lock, share a smooch and then surprise your partner with something sparkly – perfect.

Juliette’s Balcony, Verona


Although any balcony would make a beautiful setting for a kiss – especially when paired with some delicious Italian wine – there’s one in particular that is sure to set your romantic pulses racing. Down an intimate side street in beautiful Verona is “Juliette’s balcony”, the exact spot where Shakespeare penned her to proclaim those timeless words: “O Romeo, Romeo…”



If only time can stop at that moment…being submerge in the comfortable silence #underwaterkiss

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And finally, we have one for our more adventurous couples. Put a fun twist on your next romantic pictures by taking them underwater. The flowing water will make you look like magical creatures, and you’ll have something unique to share with friends and family back home. Just make sure your swim wear is up to standard – don’t worry, Keys members get a great discount at Ted Baker.

Those are our top spots for romantic escapes and photo-worthy kisses – which was your favourite? Get in touch with your Keys Lifestyle Concierge today and they can help you get there.