Peculiar Days of Celebration

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Peculiar Days of Celebration

Peculiar Days of Celebration


We all know that the 25th December is Christmas Day and that the world celebrates all things Irish on March 17th with St Patricks Day.  But what of the weird, wonderful and just plain bizarre days that lurk quietly in our calendar without getting the mention they deserve?  Here are a few that we think you should be celebrating:


Open An Umbrella Indoors – March 13th


This odd day was conceived in 2003 by a guy called Thomas Knibb who was on a crusade to show the folly of superstition.  His idea was for people to defy superstitious wisdom and open an umbrella indoors – an act traditionally associated with bad luck.  He then encouraged them to note the negative consequences.

If you’d like to take part in this experimental day – and you do so at your own risk – here are the rules:

  • Ensure you are indeed indoors and equipped with the appropriate article
  • Check that people or objects that could be damaged  are kept at a safe distance
  • Firmly and with rakish confidence – open the umbrella
  • Note any negative consequences or bad luck that comes your way over the ensuing hours and days


International Day of Happiness – March 20th


Who wouldn’t want to get behind this global celebration of the things that make you happy?  Originally inspired by the Kingdom of Bhutan – a country thought to be one of the happiest in the world – and introduced by the Assembly of the United Nations in 2012, this day reminds us that happiness comes from the emotional wellbeing generated by the simple things in life like friends and family, rather than the materialist celebrity-obsessed culture that seems to pervade the western world right now.


Two Different Coloured Shoes Day – May 3rd


This celebration of diversity was created by Dr Arlene Kaiser in a bid to get us thinking about how great, rather than divisive, difference and diversity really is.  If you’re into making a statement on May 3rd then ignore the usual routine and miss match  your shoes in a show of solidarity for all things different – your boss might give you funny looks but you’ll know you are highlighting the importance of tolerance in a conforming world.


Be An Angel Day – August 22nd


If you’ve ever found help in a difficult situation – been hauled out of the bottom of the deep end by the lifeguard or protected from the school bully by a passing stranger – than you’ll understand the feeling that just maybe there is a god.  But without getting all metaphysical, this day was founded by one Jayne Howard Feldman back in 1993 and has snowballed – thanks in no short measure to social media – to become a mega celebration of random kindness.

Ways to celebrate Be An Angel Day:

  • Visit an elderly neighbour
  • Volunteer at a charity
  • Call someone close to thank them for being there
  • Hand out some sandwiches to the homeless
  • Talk to someone lonely


It can really be anything that will touch someone and make them feel better.  Just think what the world would be like if we all took the time to do something nice every day.


Be Late For Something Day – September 5th


There are some of us – and you know who you are – that can’t seem to make it anywhere on time.  Frustrating for many and infuriating for bosses and significant others the world over.  But 5th September is a day where we can all have a taste of what it’s like to take it easy and enjoy life rather rushing around like a mad thing.  Established by The Procrastinators Club of America – the clue’s in the name – Be Late For Something Day is all about enjoying the journey and not the destination.  Fancy taking the long way round through the park?  Do it – enjoy the grass and trees.  Fancy another pint before heading home?  Go on treat yourself – it will be another year before you can again.


International Dalek Remembrance Day – December 21st


This Doctor Who themed day recognises the Dalek’s first appearance on the show way back in 1963.  The time lord’s sworn enemy, these dustbin shaped menaces fuelled the nightmares of a generation and deserve a party in the run up to Christmas.  In fact one of the most popular ways to mark this celebration of Whovian culture is to decorate your Christmas tree as a Dalek, but if this idea gets the thumbs down from your family you can always download some box sets and have your very own Doctor Who marathon.