National Book Lovers Day

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National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day


With its long days and good weather, not only does summer give us the perfect climate to crack open a new book – it’s also time for National Book Lovers Day. So, to celebrate, we’ve gathered up some of our top picks to get lost in right now.

Sci Fi/Fantasy:  Ready Player One – Ernest Cline


Set in a dystopian 2044, but filled with retro pop culture references, this book is the perfect nerdy read. It follows the protagonist, Wade Watts, as he searches for a hidden “Easter Egg” in the world’s most popular virtual reality game. The game’s creator hid it deep and whoever finds it will inherit his huge fortune. Of course, with this much money on the line, Wade is not the only one searching for it, and not everyone is going to play fair. Currently being made into a big budget feature film, directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, this is a great book to lose yourself in on those warm summer nights.

Crime: The Amateurs – Sara Shepard


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From the author of the widely popular Pretty Little Liars series comes yet another thrilling crime drama. Five years ago, Helena Kelly, a high school senior, disappeared from her own back yard without a trace and the police were never able to find out what happened to her. Today, four friends who met on an online discussion board committed to solving cold cases, have picked up her story. But with dark secrets of their own and the killer lurking nearby, this case won’t be so easy or safe, for them to crack.

Romance: See Me – Nicholas Sparks


By now we should all know that any book by Nicholas Sparks needs to be read with caution and plenty of tissues. His latest sweeping romantic novel is no different. Colin Hancock is working hard to make his second chance. Dogged by the very close possibility of prison, and his history of violence and terrible decisions, he’s putting all his efforts into obtaining his teaching degree. On the other end of the spectrum is Maria Sanchez. A law graduate with a prestigious career is pushed back home through her own dark and traumatic experiences. After a chance meeting on a rain soaked street, their lives will never be the same again, as they battle the very real dangers of Maria’s troubled past.

Thriller: Into The Water – Paula Hawkins


In just one summer, both a young girl and a single mother turn up dead at the bottom of the same river. They leave behind a very lonely 15 year old girl, parentless and mourning their deaths. Her distant Aunt comes back to town – a thing she vowed she’d never do – to take care of her and try to face the demons and fears of her past. Written by the same author as the critically acclaimed The Girl on the Train, this novel takes you on an emotional rollercoaster of thrills and scares through its similarly propulsive writing.

Non Fiction: Astrophysics For People In A Hurry – Neil deGrasse Tyson


The universe is a wondrous thing. But with so much space out there, it takes a lifetime to understand even a tiny portion of it. But, if you’d like to have a basic understanding of everything from black holes to the big bang, Neil deGrasse Tyson has got you covered. With his simple explanations of complicated concepts, broken down into easily digestible chapters, your morning commute just got a lot more interesting!


Whatever book you choose to dive into, National Book Lovers Day is all about getting lost between the pages, and spending some quality time with the written word. If none of our recommendations pique your interest, take a look at the reading social network, Goodreads, and discover your next favourite book.