Most Useful Left Handed Products

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Most Useful Left Handed Products

Most Useful Left Handed Products


If you’re one of the world’s special 10% of left handed people you’ll know the pain is real when it comes to using certain products designed for righties.  You either use the product how it was intended utilising your non dominant hand or you suffer the discomfort of using a right handed product in a left handed way.   In recognition of International Left Handers Day we’ve put together our top five left handed products.

Left Handed Guitar


Unlike the late great Jimi Hendrix who just used to turn it upside down and work his magic, left handers can now buy a huge range of guitars specifically designed for them.  That means that knobs, switches, scratch plates and whammy bars all operate and fall to hand like they should.  You can find some great bargains for left handed guitars here.

Left Handed Golf Clubs


Unlike the guitar it is impossible for a left handed person to play their normal game with a right handed golf club so a complete set of left hand clubs is necessary.  You can find a huge variety of left hand golf equipment here.

Left Handed Watches


It might seem that a normal watch is fine and that you just put it on the right wrist and away you go but once you factor in the winder and any buttons that fall to hand naturally for a right handed person you can see that there is definitely a market for left handed watches.  Check out some beauties here.

Left Handed Notebooks


If you’re a left hander than you’ll be fed up writing in a notebook built for right handers.  Those spiral spines just get in the way and make for a miserable experience and if you want lined and pargined pages you can’t get away with simply turning the pad upside down.  But don’t worry help is at hand with a great selection from Lefty’s.

Left Handed Pens


Many left handed people have trouble with their writing smudging as they drag their hands across recently written text as well as experiencing problems with not being able to see what they are writing.  However, there are some great pens out there designed to increase text visibility, eliminate smudging and enhance comfort.  Find them here.