How To Celebrate Lazy Mom’s Day

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How To Celebrate Lazy Mom’s Day

How To Celebrate Lazy Mom’s Day


If you’re wondering how to celebrate Lazy Mom’s Day then wonder no further – we’ve come up with a few hacks to make mothering that little bit easier.

Removing Permanent Marker


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We all know that sinking feeling when a toddler has been quiet in the next room.  We go to check and…yep that’s a permanent marker in her hand.  Don’t despair – these tips can save your décor.

Sorting Out The Wardrobe


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Even if the rest of your house is spick and span you know you’ve got a cupboard full of clothes that you just never get round to sorting out.  A guilty secret that nags at the back of your mind.  Well this is the way to sort it out fast.

Cooking Two Pizzas At Once


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It’s a quick midweek meal but your oven cooks differently on the top shelf than it does on the bottom.  Use this genius hack to cook two pizzas on the same shelf to ensure even cooking throughout.

Easy Peel Potatoes


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This top tip will save you loads of time and hassle on a busy evening when you just want to get them fed and off to bed so you can pop the cork on a chilled bottle of Oddbins’ finest.

Glitter Clean Up


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After the little darlings have had a creative session the fallout can often be immense.  However, this little trick will save you the effort of chasing glitter into every nook and cranny with a damp dish cloth.