From Columbus to Cruising

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From Columbus to Cruising

From Columbus to Cruising


Today, May 5th, was the day that Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean island of Jamaica in 1494.  The swashbuckling Italian, who sailed under the patronage of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, had stumbled upon this region of the world in an attempt to establish a new trade route with the East Indies by sailing west.  When he hit the Americas he thought he’d reached his goal and this was the reason that Native Americans ended up being called Indians.

It was directly because of Columbus’s discoveries that the European Colonisation of the New World got under way.  This was perhaps one of the most significant times in Western history marking the beginning of European exploration and the discovery of the American continents.

Nowadays we take our knowledge of the world’s geography for granted.  Pull up Google Maps and zoom into anywhere in the world with satellite view.  Huge swathes of the planet have been recorded by the Google camera cars giving us an instant street view function that allows us to explore in great detail.

But people want to do more than discover stuff remotely.  They want to get out there and mingle.  To touch the ground, see the sights, hear the sounds and smell the aromas that make an exotic location unique and different from where we live ourselves.

Since the 1970s, global tourism has grown and grown with one of the fastest expanding sectors being cruising.  This isn’t the risky and uncomfortable sailing of Columbus’s day, rather a super luxurious experience where an emphasis on comfort and service is coupled with superb facilities and of course incredible views and new experiences at every port of call.

One of the most popular cruise destinations is the turquoise waters of the Caribbean that Columbus first sailed through on his quest of for the East Indies.  In the right seasons this corner of the world offers glorious weather and calm seas – factors which have spawned a massive cruise industry catering for those who want to waft luxuriously form island to island, discovering the local culture and reclining on some of the most paradisiacal beaches in the world.

The beauty of the Caribbean islands is only part of the cruise experience in this part of the world.  Modern cruise vessels offer amazing holidays designed to cater for every type of holiday maker.  For example, Royal Caribbean International offers a number of “onboard innovations like robotic waiters, sky diving at sea, world class dining and West End style shows” alongside the luxury accommodation, sun decks, water parks, adventure activities and cinemas.

For those looking for peace and relaxation many vessels offer a spa experience where you can enjoy top to toe pampering as well as tranquil lounges where you can chill out with a favourite book and a long drink as you unwind and watch the next exotic destination appear over the horizon.

Cruise options are virtually unlimited which can make it difficult to choose the right one for your needs.  The team at Keys Lifestyle Concierge are experts in the world of cruising and are on hand to help you with everything including choosing itineraries, booking tickets and arranging transfer transport.  Just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help you organise your dream holiday on the ocean waves.