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Festive Hacks

Festive Hacks


Check out our top festive hacks to help you get more from your Christmas celebrations:

Christmassy Ice Bucket

Go to town on your decorations with this classy flourish.  Simply add a cranberry or two to each section of your ice tray for a bucket full of festive ice.  Decorate with a couple of sprigs of fir branch and hey presto – the perfect Christmas ice bucket.

Crisp Bag Gift Bags

This might sound a bit cheap but the insides of crisp bags are super shiny silver and when turned inside out – bingo, festive gift bags.  Rinse off the salt and vinegar and add a ribbon for extra classiness.

Crisp Bag Gift Bags

Check out the Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Clutch for inspiration

Bake Your Pinecones

Whether festively painted and adorning your mantelpiece or au natural as part of your table centrepiece, pinecones lend a bit of tradition to your Christmas decorations.   However, you’ll need to de-insect them if you don’t want bugs crawling into Aunt Mable’s eggnog.  Bake in the oven at about 180 degrees for 15 minutes for beastie-free celebrations.

Find The End Of Your Tape

The most annoying part of wrapping presents?  You got it – losing the end of the sticky tape.  Find yourself a small, flat piece of plastic – a bread fastener will do nicely – and attach it to the end every time you cut a piece of tape.  So simple and so good for your blood pressure.

Recycled And Photo Gift Tags

Grab a bunch of last year’s Christmas cards and a pair of scissors to create your own gift tags.  You could even create personalised tags by printing off a dozen of your favourite photos on an A4 sheet, cutting them to size and gluing them to your parcel.

Decorative Decorum

You’re in the loft with a torch, you’ve banged your head, scraped your shins and you’re faced with a wall of unmarked cardboard boxes.  Don’t you wish you’d been a bit more organised when you packed up the decorations last year?  Here are a couple of easy tips for storing your decorations to make next year so much easier:

  • Label Your Decorations – It may sound obvious but a few seconds with a marker pen when you’re packing up can save you the literal and metaphoric headaches you’ll get scrabbling around in the dark trying to sort out your festive trimming from that old box of family photos.
  • Clingfilm Your Tree – If you’ve had your tree a few years the box will have long ago disintegrated.  So grab some cling film and prepare your artificial tree for storage with a few deft layers that will keep it safe and sound until next year.
  • Wrap Your Lights – We know that cables are a nightmare for getting twisted and knotted once our backs are turned and Christmas lights take this hocus-pocus to a devilish level.  Dispense with hours of unpicking by wrapping your lights around a coat hanger before packing them away.
  • Egg Box Efficiency – Avoid damage and embrace neatness with this top storage trick.  Pack your small baubles and Christmas ornaments snugly in egg boxes where they will remain in perfect condition until the season to be jolly rolls around again.