Credit System Keys


There are three types of Keys Credits which can be spent on a massive variety of products and services:

  • Lifestyle Credits
  • Business Credits
  • Privilege Credits

These types of credits work in exactly the same way and the only difference is that they are applied to purchases in specific product and service sectors.


How Keys Credits Work:
Every year you are allocated a certain number of credits relative to your membership level.


When you purchase a product or service through the Keys Lifestyle Concierge website the costs are clearly displayed showing exactly how many credits you can use towards any given purchase.


Hero example. E.g.
A crate of connoisseur wine
Retail price £250
Keys member price £220
You pay £90 using 130 Keys Credits


Every time you make a purchase through Keys Lifestyle Concierge you earn a credit value of 50p for every pound you spend. So in the example above, when you spend £90 on the wine you earn 45 Keys Credits which are automatically added to your account.
Even if in rare cases – like airline flights – there is no opportunity to spend credits, you will still earn them. If a flight costs £350 you will earn 175 Keys Credits when you purchase it.