Coles Family Adventure

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Coles Family Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of selling everything you own, packing up the family, and heading off around the world on an adventure like no other? Well, that is exactly what the Coles family did- with a little help from the Keys Concierge team.

Phil and Kate Coles lived in Norfolk, where they home educated their kids, and dreamed of running away from it all. Phil worked as an offshore geologist, and was spending around five months away from his family every year. This absence soon began to bother the Coles, and they knew they had to make a change, before it was too late. So, a few months ago, they took that all important leap of faith, and put their house on the market.

Soon, with house and possessions sold, and the pets put into the care of friends, their “field trip like no other” could begin. As big believers in environmental sustainability and nature based education, taking their children to explore new countries, cultures, and environments was a dream come true.

They had a bit of a rocky start to their journey which involved a broken aeroplane handbrake, a crash into a staircase, and a flight delay of several hours- but they eventually made it to their first stop in Sri Lanka.  It was here that their home education journey would begin. They explored spice farms and learnt about herbs and gardening, visited Buddhist temples and learnt about different religions, and practiced their maths skills by counting the geckos climbing up the walls of their hotel.

Every step of their journey is a learning experience for their kids, and the children actually have a lot of say about what they learn along the way. In every new location Chitah, 8, and Robyn, 5, talk to their parents about what they want to see and do there. Allowing the children this kind of freedom over their education means they are more engaged and interested in the lessons they are learning. The children also run their own travel blog, which they update regularly with stories about their adventures and learning experiences.

Organising such a big trip can be difficult – even when you’re as passionate as this family. This organisation is where Keys Lifestyle Concierge comes in. Our fantastic team has been able to assist the Coles family in finding accommodation along the way -from a stylish resort, to a jungle paradise in Sri Lanka- booking activities, and recommending the best places to eat. But, their trip is far from over. In the coming months, the family will be visiting Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Bali and, Japan – and Keys Lifestyle Concierge will be with them every step of the way.

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