Keys Concierge Business Services Keys Concierge Business Services

Keys Business Concierge gives companies the fast track to expertise. It provides support, assistance and a suite of products and services to business leaders and staff members at all levels of the organisation. Not
only does Keys give companies access to skill sets that can often be cost prohibitive for SMEs but it also frees up time and helps to engage employees and motivate them to excel.

  • Taking the strain and hassle from travel arrangements
  • Getting the best from business and leisure travel
  • From car hire and flights to global cruises and hotels
  • Specialist itineraries such as multi centre or adventure


What if you were able to give your workforce layers of support that would help to remove interference and harness the immense focus and creativity that often gets bogged down by the demands of the modern workplace? Imagine the power of a team who had their collective interferences removed and the incredible focus that would then be multiplied throughout the organisation.


With a Keys business package you will be able to give your clients something more than the offerings of your competitors. Regardless of who you are, modern life places extreme demands on that most precious of commodities – time. Your customers will see real value in a benefit that unlocks that time and allows them the freedom to do the things that are precious to them – spending time with their children, family and friends.


Business leaders who have plugged Keys into their companies find that they are able to start building connections between the organisational layers in a way that makes staff members feel valued as individuals as well as being recognised as members of the wider business.

Keys Concierge Business ServicesCARING IS NO LONGER A LUXURY

The days when a job and a pay check were enough to ensure staff loyalty and dedication are gone. Modern business leaders understand that staff
who feel cared for on a personal and professional level will be more productive and will provide a better customer experience. In short if you show genuine care for your employees they will go the


A Keys business package plugs your workforce into a support network that provides help in all aspects of their lives. Help with personal, lifestyle, business and household matters frees up their lives to give them time to focus on work and to spend on the things that they really enjoy doing in their leisure time.