Best Five Fitness Apps

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Best Five Fitness Apps

Best Five Fitness Apps


Back in the old days before Smartphones, if you wanted to get fit you printed out a regime and stuck to it.  Maybe a calendar glued to the inside of a kitchen cupboard or a reminder on your cork notice board.  The point is – you were out there on your own and unless you could afford a personal trainer you were the motivator and motivated all in one.

Nowadays, thankfully, we have our little digital friends to work with and there are loads of apps designed to interact with you as you sweat and puff towards beach body perfection.  So in the interest of your hot bod we’ve dragged out our long forgotten gym kits and hit the exercise road in an effort to bring you the best fitness apps out there today.





The Couch to 5 K app from Zen Labs is designed to take those who are new to running from couch potatoes to distance runners in just eight weeks.  It’s tailored for first time runners and features a plan that involves three 30 – 40 minute workouts per week including a five minute warm up and five minute cool down per session.

The audio coach feature tells you when to walk or run and gives you detailed stats on where you are in the plan.   It’s compatible with GPS apps, Healthkit, MyFitnessPal and it lets you play your own music.   According to their website, millions have finished the programme and have gone from complete novices to distance runners in just eight weeks.

Available:  iOS and Android.  Price:  Free


Zombies, Run!


Gamers will love this immersive, mission-based app designed to take your mind off the reality of running and get you involved with a post zombie epidemic world where you are one of the few last humans tasked with gathering supplies, rescuing survivors and protecting one of humanities last remaining outposts.

Sounds scary right?  That’s because it is and there’s nothing better than a few blood thirsty walking dead on your tail to get your speed up and your heart racing.  With 200 missions and an award winning story to keep you engaged and motivated, it’s no surprise that Zombies, Run! has become the biggest Smartphone fitness game ever.

Available: iOS and Android.  Price: Free




This app is claiming amazing success in helping people lose weight, change their bad eating habits and get into exercise.  In essence this app is a food diary and/or and activity log.  It helps you keep track of what you’re eating and what you’re doing to get you on track for a healthy and sustainable weight loss programme.  It’ll give you up-to- the-minute information on calories burned and gives you access to menu plans and workout routines to suit your goals.

The apps millions of users can monitor what they eat using the barcode scanner or by accessing a database of more than three million foods.   Basically it does the maths so you don’t have to crunch the numbers yourself – great for healthy weight loss.

Available:  iOS and Android.  Price: Free


Pocket Yoga


The idea of this app is to enable you to practice yoga anywhere and at anytime regardless of your ability or experience.  With no network connectivity needed to access the functionality you can take this app to the most remote locations and still access your programme.  No excuses – you can do it anywhere.

Pocket Yoga includes a searchable, comprehensive pose directory with each entry containing pose illustrations to show correct posture and alignment as well as a description of the pose and its benefits.  There are also a whole bunch of different environments to unlock as you progress to help you disconnect from your everyday life and inspire you on your yoga journey.

Available: iOS and Android.  Price:  £2.80


Strava Cycling

Two wheel aficionados will love this funky GPs tracker that not only measures your speed, elevation and distance as you ride  but also lets you compete against other cyclists who have completed the same road or trail that you are cycling.  In short “the world’s largest route and trail resource”.

Boasting a range of “features for athletes, made for athletes” the app including in depth analysis of your cycling activity, performance measuring via fitness monitors, a social network feed to share your performance with other users and for peace of mind the Beacon feature which shares your location in real time with people who will have your back in an emergency.

Available: iOS and Android.  Price Free

Need more than a mobile app to get into shape?  Get in touch with Keys Lifestyle Concierge today to find out how we can help you with your health and fitness.