Five Best European City Breaks

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Five Best European City Breaks

Five Best European City Breaks


As the weather heats up and our lunch breaks are spent in city parks, weekends at family BBQ’s and evenings eating out in the garden, many of us are looking towards our next break. But with the recent price hike to beach resorts in Spain, Italy and Portugal you might be looking at other options for your next getaway.
Mainland Europe is home to some of the world’s most famous and beautiful cities – all of which enjoy great summers and are perfect for your summer escape. But which cities are best for a European getaway?


Perfect for: Romantic Weekends
Venice is Italy’s most famous city and whilst the summer brings thousands of tourists to the area, it is also the best time to visit. Venice offers great theatres, beautiful art galleries and, of course, traditional Italian cuisine. Travel the city by the famous gondolas and marvel at the exquisite area, famously built on water.


Perfect for: Families
Located on the coast, Barcelona offers the best of both worlds – a beautiful bustling city and seven incredible beaches. Come to Barcelona and enjoy fine wines, delicious cuisine, an entire world of culture and one of Europe’s most popular city break locations. Barcelona’s laid back attitude and beach side location make it perfect for families looking to please everyone.


Perfect for: Theatre Breaks
London is often overlooked as a getaway destination for many people; however, this capital city is one of the most famous in the world, attracting a great number of tourists every summer. Don’t be put off by the crowds; summer is when London is most beautiful with the green parks filled with people, the smell of waffles cooking in the streets and a variety of alfresco dining experiences on offer. London is home to a number of free museums and galleries as well as some of the world’s most famous stage shows.


Perfect for: Letting Your Hair Down
Prague has recently grown in popularity as a European city break due to its rich culture, great nightlife and relaxed, laid back attitude. A glass of wine only costs around £1.30 and the city is one of Europe’s cheapest – perfect for those of you looking to have a great time on a budget. In the summer, the Prague comes to life with tourists and locals making the most of this beautiful city.


Perfect for: The Young at Heart
Tallinn is one of Europe’s fastest up-and-coming destinations and is quickly growing in popularity. The beach side city resembles a fairy tale landscape with snow-blanketed castles and turret roofs, transforming in the summer months to a green and bustling metropolis. Visit Tallinn for great nightlife, a relaxed atmosphere and rich culture.