Best New Apps: May 2016

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Best New Apps: May 2016

Best New Apps: May 2016


In 2014 the number of mobile phones in existence surpassed the number of humans living on the planet and a quick look around you will only further cement the idea that almost everyone has a phone. With the rise in popularity of the “smart phone” being glued to a screen is becoming an increasingly common sight around the world.
With so many of us addicted to our handheld computers, the market for smart phone applications or apps is one of the busiest and fastest growing sectors in the information technology industry. Each week new apps are unveiled – with a select few rapidly climbing to the top of the Google Play and Apple Store lists and a large majority falling into the depths of the app-world never to be seen again.

But when there are so many apps to choose from – and so many that do the same things – it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth the megabytes they hog in your memory. The popularity of apps doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon so we have selected the very best in new apps – which we promise won’t sit, unused, on your home screen.

Hippo Pics – for the budding photographers among us.
By 2016 most of us are already experts in Instagram filters – yet somehow our posts never look quite as good as our favourite posters, but why? Most of the top followed Instagram accounts are actually photos taken on SLR cameras, edited to perfection and then passed through the apps platform, rather than – as you and I might use it – simply taken on the phone and then uploaded to the app.

So how can we be as good as the professionals? Well – there’s an app for that. Hippo Pics is the latest *must have* app for all budding photographers. Simply upload your amateur pictures and leave the professionals to work their magic – professional editors will choose their favourite shots and enhance them to bring out their very best elements – and you’ll soon see the difference in your following.

Glued – for those looking to curb their phone addiction.
This app is probably the definition of irony – an app that helps to keep you off your phone, believe it or not. We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones – but just how much time do we really waste?

Glued is a new app that helps you measure how long you spend on your phone each day – and even lets you compare how long you spend online compared to the other members of your family with a tracking system. The app also has smart parental controls – which can be used to limit screen time for children, but doesn’t limit time spent on “positive” things such as google searching for homework.

Pocket – for those who are constantly reading online.
We’re all guilty of browsing the internet at work, whether it a cheeky peek at the DailyMail homepage on a Friday afternoon, or a full blown Facebook stalk on your phone whilst you hide in the toilet – and unfortunately it’s always during these times that we find the juicy stories we really want to read but don’t have the time to do so. And all too often, when we finally sit down and have time to read those articles – they are lost in the depths of your Facebook timeline.

Now – rather than hunting back through Facebook – Pocket allows you to save webpages to read later, directly from your favourite social media feed. The app also works with Flipboard and offers browser extensions so you can use it on your computer too.

Recolour – for the child within us.
For most of us colouring-in is a simply a memory from our childhood – however the colouring craze has recently grown up and become a favourite for adults too. Experts believe that colouring in promotes both relaxation and creativity and some suggest it is the perfect way to wind down after a long and stressful day in the office.

The re-colour app features over 700 different pictures waiting to be coloured in – with more added on a daily basis – ranging from beginner to expert depending on the intricacy of the designs. The app is completely free and offers a range of paid and free images that can be saved on your phone – saving you the embarrassment of pulling out your colouring books and felt-tip pens on the train.

YNAB – for the ones who haven’t yet worked out how to budget.
Whilst we don’t have the intention of blowing our entire pay cheque in the first week of the month and living like a student for the rest of it – somehow it seems to happen more often than not. Whether it’s your best friend’s stag do, cocktails with the girls or simply heading out for a romantic meal – some of us find that all too often we’ve blown our disposable income on our social lives and still not saved enough for that deposit.

YNAB or “you need a budget” is one of the best budgeting apps on the market – and rather than helping you to track your expenditure it follows a more traditional path of budgeting. At the beginning of the month the app assists you in budgeting your income by helping you to separate it into digital “piggy banks” assigned to different outgoings. In practice, the app user should stick to his or her pre-assigned budgets and be able to stick to their financial commitments – rather than simply making a record of how quickly you can blow through your wages.

These are our top picks for best new apps for May – but what are yours? Let us know on our social media pages.