April Fools – Have a Pranktastic Day

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April Fools – Have a Pranktastic Day

April Fools – Have a Pranktastic Day


The tradition of having a day when you can play practical jokes has been around since the Romans. They would the end of winter with the festival of Hilaria which means “the cheerful ones” in Latin.

This celebration on March 25th was in honour of Cybele the mother of the gods and was marked with games, amusements and masquerades where anyone could disguise themselves and prank their friends.

The modern version that we celebrate in the UK falls on April 1st with the game open for hoaxes, pranks, practical jokes and other shenanigans right up to midday.   Here are some of the more elaborate pranks from years past to give you some devilish inspiration.


Mobile Madness

This teacher is going to change his mobile phone policy pronto – they got him perfectly with this little prank.



Mean Girlfriend

What a horrible girlfriend to think up a prank this mean. Still you’ve got to laugh when it fiendishly comes to fruition.



Indian Humour

Technology and Indian humour come together with hilarious results. April Fools Day is alive and well in South Asia.



Maths Mayhem

This maths teacher takes pranking to another level in this brilliantly weird joke he plays on his unsuspecting students.



Seven Sinful Pranks

Seven sinful pranks that only the most evil will want to try. Don’t blame us if your friends and family won’t talk to you anymore.