30 Day Fitness Challenge

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30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge


With Valentine’s Day just a month away it’s time to get in shape for the romantic night of the year.  Take our 30 day fitness challenge and you’ll be a whole lot hotter than you are today.  Like anything worthwhile, this challenge will require determination and hard work – but being super cute for your loved one is worth it right?

There are two elements to tweaking up your torso – diet and exercise.  So follow this two pronged plan and you’ll be love’s young dream before you know it.


Exercise Programme


There are six key exercises in this programme which are designed to give you cardio and toning benefits.  It starts gently to get you used to everything and then ups the ante as the days go on.  Combine these workouts with our eating plan to get in the best shape for Valentine’s Day.  First check out the six exercises:

T Plank 



Side Plank – Leg Lift



Jump Rope






Superman Exercise



Glute Bridge



30 Day Programme

Ok, so now you know how to do the exercises it’s time to put them into practice with this 30 day programme which comes courtesy of fitwirr.com.  Get over the first few days and things will soon fall into place.  You just need to stick with it to see some pretty impressive results both in body shape and overall fitness.  Here is the programme:


What To Eat


Forget fad dieting, you need something to compliment the exercise you are doing.  Good clean food to fuel your workouts and strengthen your body.  Love is good but love handles?  Not so much.  Follow this 30 day eating plan to get the best results from your exercise programme.



It may look a bit daunting but like we said before – if it’s worth doing it’s going to require commitment and hard work.  So today is the time to start, right here and right now and if you’ve got what it takes to stick to the plan then you will be one fit looking individual come the mid February celebration of all things love.  If you want more help or information on health and fitness then get in contact with Keys Lifestyle Concierge today.